Best AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam

As I previously stated, formative assessments and exam dumps are critical for passing and earning a high score on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, which can ultimately set you apart from your competition.

There are numerous advantages to taking practice tests and completing questions on a test generator before taking an actual exam. It will, for example, assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses ahead of time so that you may better comprehend your weaker areas.

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They also aid in developing speed and accuracy, both of which are necessary for passing a timed test such as the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification.

To succeed in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner assessment, you must achieve a rating of at least 700 out of 1000, or 70%, but you only got 90 minutes to finish all of the questions, both multiple-response and multiple-choice. That is to say, there could be multiple valid answers to any given question.

When a question contains many answers, you must read all possibilities and assess them rather than just picking the correct answer and moving on; the actual exam can take a long time, particularly if you have not taken any mock exams beforehand.

You can improve your precision and agility by taking mock examinations in a real-exam-like setting. This also aids in the reduction of worry, stress, and test phobia, all of which can harm your grade and even cause you to fail the exam.

Another essential advantage of the sample test is that it familiarizes you with exam patterns. I’ve discovered that few people read the AWS exam handbook attentively and are unaware that one issue can have many answers.

As a result, they miss a series of doubts that they would have gotten right if they had known the structure beforehand. You can prevent such surprises by taking practice tests. Because of these advantages, I strongly advise anyone studying for AWS certifications such as Solution Architect, Cloud Practitioner, AWS Developer, or AWS to take as many mock examinations as possible.

Stick with me, and I’ll offer several of the top AWS dumps and sample questions from Whizlabs, Udemy,, and other sources that you may use to help prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

By the way, there’s no assurance that each of these test prep will provide any questions, but that isn’t the idea. These sample tests are intended to equip you for the exam in a realistic manner so that you can answer all of the exam’s unknown questions.

Best AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam

With no further ado, here is my compilation of the most significant practice tests and exam dumps for passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification in 2022:

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 6 complete mock tests

This is among the best collections of mock tests available for passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test on your first attempt! Yes, clearing the test on the first attempt is essential since it requires a lot of concentration, and retaking the exam will cost you another $100.

The questions are arranged into six full-length mock exams, each with 65 questions, for 390 to practice. All of the questions are of high quality, and extensive explanations are given to help students understand why the right answers are correct responses answers are incorrect.

The above mock exams are also timed, which is beneficial for real-world practice and developing the precision and agility needed to overcome the official examination. You’ll get a comprehensive summary of the topics you answered and wrongly (together with thorough comments on every question) at the end of the test, which will help you build your skills and prepare you for the actual AWS Cloud-certified test.

When it comes to social evidence, this imitation exam has over 23000 students who have given it a 4.4 rating, which says a great deal about the excellence of the test prep and questions.

  1. Whizlabs’ AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam

Whizlabs is yet another shop for obtaining mock exams. I’ve always used Whizlabs, and it’s assisted me accomplish a variety of certification tests, including the OCPJP, OCAJP, OCEJWCD, and others.

They also offer excellent mock tests to help you pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner licensing exam, including three comprehensive practice tests and 195 different questions.

Every mock test consists of 65 questions, which you must answer in 90 minutes, just like the actual test. The best part is that each question comes with a comprehensive breakdown, plus you get access to 11 labs for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Aptitude test. These labs will assist you in becoming familiar with the AWS console and interface if you haven’t done much with it before.

You can use the exam simulator on the web or your mobile device, and you have unrestricted access to the simulated test. I encourage the Whizlabs AWS Mock tests because of their exceptional quality and my prior experience.

They do have freebie AWS mock tests with fewer questions; however, it’s an excellent way to see how well the questions are written before ordering these AWS mock tests from Whizlabs.

  1. Practice Questions for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

This is another beautiful course, with 180+ mock tests for the AWS Cloud Practitioner testing procedure. It does provide a comprehensive description for each question to assist you in comprehending the issue and topic. It will also motivate you to investigate further because you may stumble across strange things.

The unique part regarding its sample standardized test application is that you can use it on both a computer and a smartphone, so you can answer these AWS Cloud Practitioner exams while travelling from and to work.

  1. David Mayer’s Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test

Test dumps are a little differently than mock tests. These are actual exam questions on the exam and have been gathered from applicants who have taken such examinations. David Mayer has done an excellent job gathering and presenting us with those materials.

Although there is no assurance that all those answers will appear again or that you might pass the tests by memorizing them from test dumps, they seem to be the most credible practice questions you can acquire without actually taking the exam.

Exam dumps are best used to verify the exam’s difficulty level and structure and prepare accordingly. I frequently over-prepare so that I am prepared for any unexpected events. In general, the questions on practice papers are more complex than the actual test questions found in dumps.

  1. Questions from the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

I offer this another practice test to applicants aiming for a good score above 900. Because you’re setting the bar high, you’ll need to exert extra effort to study, and rather than six mock tests, you could need to complete 15 or 20.

You should also select more tough practice problems of higher quality than the actual exam, which is where this AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test shines.

The most recent, with more than 500+ updated 2022 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner study questions categorized into six complete Practice Exams Simulators. You’ll also get a trick sheet to aid you to revise quickly.

According to their own Virtual Computing Training portal, they also provide unlimited access to their Test Emulator (registration required). The exam simulator chooses 65 problems from a collection of over 500, simulating the natural AWS exam environment.

The style, format, passing score and time limit of the mock test are identical to the actual AWS exam. One can also verify answers after each question in Learning Phase to assist you in acquiring the skills and knowledge.

When it comes to social evidence, these mock examinations have been rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by over 11,000 students, which is impressive. To achieve a high score on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, I strongly suggest taking this practice test.

In 2022, here are five guides to help you get the most out of the AWS Cloud Practitioner Mock Exam.

Following are an additional guides to help you get the most out of your training exercise:

  1. Complete a subject-by-topic practice test to understand each issue thoroughly; this is something that not every practice test boosts the amount of, but Whizlabs does, which is why I encourage them.
  2. Finish as many full-length practice papers as you can. The second mock test on this list includes five full-length practice tests.
  3. Complete in an actual exam-like setting, which involves turning off your phone and taking the examination in a quiet room with a webcam.
  4. Go over the correct and wrong questions again to fully understand the reasoning behind the answers. First, read over the incorrect ones because they are more crucial to correct, and then quickly examine the correct ones to see any misunderstandings or surprises.
  5. Keep track of your progress, accuracy, and speed. Check to see if you completed all of the questions in the time allotted, which is 90 minutes.


That’s all there is to it for some of the most extraordinary AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice exams you may take to ace your exam. By the way, simply solving practice problems isn’t enough; you’ll need to go over both correct and incorrect questions again to fully comprehend that why the right answer is correct and the wrong answer is incorrect. I frequently do this while taking a practice test, and I learn a lot in the process. This has also assisted me in correcting any misunderstandings I may have.

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