Business Plan Presentation – Presenting Your Plan For Success

business plan presentation is used to present a business plan to investors or potential partners. To be most effective they should be kept to between eight and ten slides long.

They should cover the key information from the business plan to help the audience make a decision.

There are a few key mistakes to avoid when you are doing a business plan presentation

    • Use the time you have been allotted effectively. Do not go over time as you may get cut off and not get your full message across to the investor. They may form the view that you are not organized and therefore not a reliable investment opportunity.
    • Don’t try and cover off all the information from your business plan in the business plan presentation. Take out the key points which need to be highlighted. Include these in short form in the business plan presentation. Keep words to a minimum on each slide so your audience concentrates on what you are saying.
    • Don’t include your detailed financial statements. In the business plan presentation include summary tables containing your historical performance, and your projected performance. Include your supporting assumptions.

There are two key elements to creating and delivering a successful business plan presentation. First, you must prepare for the presentation.

The best way is to use Power Point or an equivalent software package. Outline what you want to cover in each slide of the presentation.

Business Plan Presentation

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This information will come from the business plan you have already prepared.

Following this checklist will ensure you include everything in your business plan presentation that is important:

    • Introduce yourself and the company and product.
    • Articulate your unique selling point.
    • Detail your target market size and the potential growth trajectory.
    • Describe your target customer and estimate your current and future market share.
    • Discuss your competitive advantage compared to your closest competitors.
    • Highlight the competitive behavior in the market.
    • Discuss your sales and marketing strategy and your value proposition.
    • Outline the company’s ownership structure and the attributes of key management.
    • Include a slide containing a summary of your financial forecasts.
    • Include the assumptions for your financial forecasts.

The second step to a successful business plan presentation is rehearsing. Practice speaking through the presentation and make sure you cover everything in the time allotted.

Rehearse in front of colleagues or members of your management team. Have them ask questions so you can practice responding.

Get their feedback on parts of the business plan presentation that might need changing or clarification. Then rehearse several times on your own.

Relax and be natural when you are presenting. Investors look to invest in people as well as products, so you need to be credible and ensure you have rehearsed enough to remember everything about your business.

Nerves can cause people to forget critical information under pressure.

The investor will want to keep a copy of your full business plan and business plan presentation after the meeting.

The right format of a business plan can influence the investment decision, so be sure to have used the right format before you schedule your meeting.

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