How to Survive as a Nigerian Student

As a Nigerian student, you will almost certainly face a variety of unique problems and barriers as you pursue your degree. It can be challenging to know how to live and excel as a student in Nigeria, from financial difficulties to time management concerns. However, with the correct techniques and resources, you can overcome these … Read more

30 Business to do as a Nigerian Student

If you’re a student in Nigeria, starting a business is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons, supplement your income, and maybe even transform your hobby into your full-time job. Even if you’re a student with few free hours and a tight budget, there are still lots of ways to make money. This post will … Read more

[2022] List Of Courses Under Mass Communication in Nigeria

List Of Courses Under Mass Communicatio

The list of courses under mass communication includes PR, Advertising, Journalism, Video editing, Event Management, News Writer, Producers, News editors, and many more. ALSO SEE: 400 Happy New Week Prayers & Wishes List Of Courses Under Mass Communication in Nigeria The following are some courses in Mass comm in schools like Unilag, NOUN, Unilorin etc: … Read more

Best AWS Cloud Practitioner Practice Exam

As I previously stated, formative assessments and exam dumps are critical for passing and earning a high score on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, which can ultimately set you apart from your competition. There are numerous advantages to taking practice tests and completing questions on a test generator before taking an actual exam. It … Read more

This is not Hell

This place is not Hell Though it blazes like fire And the scorching sun leaks Sweat like ice-cream This place is not Hell Though the cold we see Emits from devil’s freezer Dulling our senses with evil This place is not Hell With ravaging storms and Avalanche of disaster wiping us out, It still seems … Read more

5 Reasons Recruitment Agents Never Call Back

Five Reasons Recruitment Agents Never Call Back

Has this ever been you? “I sent in my resume for a job that matched me perfectly, but they never called me back!” Five Reasons Recruitment Agents Never Call Back In my experience, this is one of the top complaints job seekers have about recruiters. Here are the top five reasons why recruiters never call back. … Read more

Speechless- Poem

I thought of sweet words That can seize breathe, Words that can skip the heart Sweet words that freeze muscles I thought of jelly words That can melt stony heart, That break iceberg of emotions Words that can sail dark waters I thought of ideas That can be focused like laser Ideas that can pierce … Read more