The Battle Field – A Poem

Look in there I mean there, Inside you… The Field of Contention In there, Folks of past Reached mountainous joys, Kins of ages Reached tears-filled valleys Fighting Goliath battles In this plain There, Old boys dreams shattered Towering castles unbuilt Alice wonderland unreached Adorning robes unworn Davinci’s art unseen Ahitophel’s plan turn folly There, Men’s … Read more

Nigerian Youths – A Poem

the nigerian youth

The Nigerian Youth is lazy Birth in gold he can’t touch Mother rationed his milk, Wore him cousins clothes Starting without silver spoon Nigerian Youths are lazy Parents sweat tears, sweat blood Struggled to feed us Raising with hopes, saying- Our children will pay us. Nigerian Youths are lazy We learnt with tables and chalks … Read more

One Page Business Plan – Thoughts Process…

One Page Business Plan

A One Page Business Plan is a great brainstorming tool for entrepreneurs who are just beginning the journey of starting their own business. Writing a full business plan seems like a scary concept to most people. When we get a client who really just doesn’t know where to start we often ask them to condense their thoughts … Read more

How to Write A Business Proposal in Nigeria

how to write a business proposal in nigeria

In this article we will outline how to write a business proposal in Nigeria. But before we dive into how to write a business proposal let’s clear up some ambiguity between a Business Plan and a Business Proposal. The terminology in business planning has become rather blurred. Technically a business plan is an internal document … Read more