Difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum vitae)

Know the difference between a resume and cv today.

A CV short form of curriculum vitae means a person’s ‘course of life’. Whereas Resume means summary of a curriculum vitae.

Who Should use Curriculum Vitae? (CV)

A CV is normally a outline of your qualifications and achievements. It should be minimum 2 pages and can go longer as necessary.

Including your name, contact information, education and skills, your experience and achievements shoud be detailed in CV. Publications, grants and fellowships, and other information relevant to the post you are applying for.

A CV is necessary when you apply for the fields such as education, research, etc.

Who should use Resume?

As specified above your resume is summery of your CV. It should be maximum 2 pages long. And it should include your name, contact information, education, skills and your experience.

A resume is intended to give your employer a captious info about you in short words. In short a resume is useful when applying for the jobs which are not related to ones which mentioned above for using CV.

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Resume Writing Tips

We have tried to bring together exceptional articles related to most common buzz for people looking out for new job or a career switch over ‘How to write a resume’.

All these articles are written by professional resume writers and resume critiques who have years of experience in recruitment industry.

We sincerely hope that these articles will give you new insight in writing you resume and getting through to the interview room. Our next series of articles will focus on how to crack an interview with a charged up resume.

Resume Writing Help Articles to Assist You in understanding what is a Resume? And what all should be included in a Resume?

We have got numerous emails and phone calls people asking ‘What is a Resume?’, ‘what all should I include in my Resume?’ Well you can get your answer here in this article which will be helpful to all those are new to resume writing or those who want to have a new insight on this topic.

When we are starting to look out for a new job or a career switch the first thing that come up is how to get an interview call? Well to get an interview call we need to have an impressive and professional resume.

Again the question comes up what is a resume or what all should a professional resume include?

To summarize a resume is a short description about you, clearly highlighting your educational and professional background and achievements in a way that generates enough interest in the prospective employer that he shortlist you and calls you for a face to face meeting called interview.

Difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum vitae)

A professional resume must include a clear objective in a line or two that catches up the employer’s attention.

A resume should never be more then couple of pages as the employer is not interested to know your history he is only interested to know your best attributes.

Furthermore an employer has to review hundreds to resume filling in a single job position so he does not simply have time to go through multiple pages of your resume.

A professionally written resume gets you through to an interview

How a resume does works for you?

For a singly job opening an employer receives hundreds of applications. An employer does not have time to meet each and every applicant face to face and evaluate that his / her credentials are matching to the job profile.

A resume represents you in front of your perspective employer. If your resume if professionally written highlighting your primary skills, educational and professional background it will definitely catch the employers eye and get you through an interview.

What does a resume mean to an employer?

A resume is as important to an employer as it is to you. Every employer desire to get the best person for his job but he cannot meet every applicant that is interested and has applied for the job, simply because meeting and interviewing applicants is a tedious and time taking process.

A resume helps an employer to review the summary of the prospective candidates and in process shortlists the ones who he feels are having required skill sets and experience that he desires to do his job.

Generally the short listing process is the process of elimination, the employer scans through the resumes that are received for the job an in this process eliminates the resume that are not generating his interest.

If your resume is not well written, no matter how qualified you are you have no chance to get shortlisted for the interview. This is the most important reason why you should write your resume with upmost care.

Grammar and typo errors, formatting issues, mixing fonts, spelling mistakes, wiring in upper case / mix case, writing too much about oneself are few common mistakes that newbie or even experience people make while writing a resume.

These small mistakes cost you heavily by getting your resume rejected by the potential employer even though otherwise you are an outstanding and potential candidate for the specific job.

If the objective of a resume is to get you through to an interview then the resume should fulfill its objective by securing you a seat in an interview by getting you shortlisted.

The best way to do it is to ensure that your resume is professionally written, is grammar and typo error free, and does not have any other common mistake mentioned in previous paragraph.

It should highlight your skills and previous similar experience. A well written resume should present all these information in a correct and attractive manner.

Writing a professional resume is time taking and needs lots of patience and determination but if you are short of time and then also wants a professional resume written for you, you can take help of our online resume writing service which has an easy to use step by step wizard that ask you to fill in related information in most easy to do fashion.

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