Format Of A Formal Letter in Nigeria

Whether a person is studying at schools, colleges, universities or working at offices, professional organizations, such people often need to make use of the formal style of writing a letter to address them to any correspondence of the professional nature and to actually receive a good impression from a formal letter, it should actually be well written with the right, proper format.

Apart from a mode of professional communication, a well written formal letter is also utilized to correspond with close relatives as well, if people are separated from them by a great distance that’s why the format of a formal letter is so important.

In spite of the fact that we are living in the modern age of emails and writing letters would seem like an ancient practice, yet writing letters is still a common practice among people.

Format Of A Formal Letter in Nigeria

Just like any other letter would be written according a proper set format, similarly to write a proper formal letter certain guidelines have to be followed and the letter should also essentially not be too long as often people cannot find time to read letters that are lengthy.

Similarly as a format has to be followed in order to write a formal letter, it is also appropriate to use a page of 8 1/2-by-11 to write upon and an envelope with the same dimensions as well.

As for the rules, and the content that should be mentioned within a formal letter, have been featured below.

Addresses format of a formal letter – The top right hand corner of the letter contains the return address which is in fact the address of the sender, which means your complete address, and followed by the address the date is mentioned below it.

Next come the address of the recipient which is written right after the return address but is written at the left hand side. The address of the recipient can even contain their name and if they are at a professional designation that is mentioned too.

Subject format of a formal letter– The subject of the letter mentioned in the subject line should not be too long, it should merely give an idea of what you are corresponding regarding in the letter. The subject is supposed to be properly aligned in the center of the page alike writing a heading.

Salutation & Body format of a formal letter – The salutation can be considered a part of the body of the letter which can be mentioned depending upon who the letter is being addressed towards.

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Format Of A Formal Letter in Nigeria

As for the body itself, it is ideal to separate the matter into paragraphs and not to drag the body of the letter too much; rather it should be kept concise.

Closing format of a formal letter – Finally comes the closing of the letter and since the letter is supposed to be a mode of corresponding with someone it is quite appropriate if you end the letter in a complementary fashion such as saying goodbye to someone.

Once again, since you have come to the end of the letter there is no point in dragging it, thus a simple complimentary ending would be enough.

These were the basic guidelines regarding writing a proper letter, once you get used to it you would get the hang of it.

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