How to Write a Project Proposal in Nigeria

Learning how to write a project proposal in Nigeria is something any undergraduate should consider especially those in their finals.

A research is a particular type of academic work that follows a particular format. Students are required to produce an original academic work from the topic down to the index and bibliography

In Nigerian universities, a research proposal is an inevitable requirement and NO! It’s not a letter.

So, what then is a research proposal? And why should I learn how to write a project proposal in Nigerian Universities?

A research proposal is a clear strategy or design of the steps you want to follow in the execution of your final year project.

Although the final decision is solely determined by the lecturer-in-charge (your supervisor) or a particular faculty, many proposals often contain – An introduction, Aims and objectives, Methodology, literature Review, scope and constraints, resources, the outline of chapters/sections, timetable and references.

undergraduate project proposal format

Undergraduate Project Proposal Format

  • An introduction
  • Aims and objectives
  • Methodology
  • Literature review
  • Scope and constraints
  • Resources
  • The outline of sections/chapters
  • Timetable and references.

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How to Write a Project Proposal in Nigeria University’s

Later in this article, we’d be sharing an undergraduate research proposal sample.

When designing a research proposal, it is crucial to know what each component should come with. Here are short descriptions of each component of the research proposal.

  1. The Topic

When creating your topic, be sure to remember that it should be problematic in nature. Your topic, therefore, seeks to provide solution which will shed a new light on the area of study.

Bear in mind that your topic will serve as a guide throughout your research. You must, therefore, feel free to improve or change upon your topic in the course of writing the research.

  1. The Introduction

I have listened and read emails from students who have been advised by the “so-called experts” who still struggle with an introduction. These self-professed experts encourage them to continue with their research and to return to the “problematic introduction” later on. However, you should be careful of this approach/strategy as it can backfire real quick.

The primary reason why it is crucial to write an introduction first is that an introduction is where you outline the research problem, describe the purpose and nature, and indicate what you plan to achieve at the end of your research.

So, without a clear vision of what the problem is and how you intend to investigate and proffer solutions to the questions you have asked in your topic, you are certainly going to face problems at one point ot another.

  1. Aims and Objectives

The objectives and aims are where you indicate what you hope to achieve at the end of your research.

Objective and aims are majorly written together, and a lot of students fall into the error of treating them as one and the same thing. The truth is that they are two separate entries.

”Aim” is a declaration of intent of what one seeks to achieve at the end of work or project, an “objective” is your goal and how you intend to achieve them.

  1. Methodology

You simply cannot carry put your research and complete your research without data and other needed information. The methodology is an outline of the methods you want to use in data collection needed to execute the project.

The methodology is super important plus it will be determined by the kind of research you are carrying out. Your supervisor(s) will need to see the feasibility of your methodology in doing the research before they approve it.

  1. Scope and Constraints

Constraints and Scope is another area to consider when learning how to write a project proposal in Nigeria University.

Each subject has countless areas of consideration. Your research, therefore, must be limited to a definable area and scope. So, set your boundaries and stick with them.

If you notice that you have too many materials to cover, constrain your research to a manageable limit according to your resource and budget.

In determining the scope of your research, do not forget that time is of essence in writing research, and also that the resources and cost are limited unless you have a sponsor who will take the financial burden off you.

  1. Resources and Means

After reading and approving your topic, the research advisors or supervisors will require explanations as regards the source of information as well as data needed to write the research.

Many a time, resources will often be expected to come from traditional places such as the library, the internet and questionnaires. If you plan to use other resources to finish your work, List them and explain how you plan to gather them.

  1. Outline of Sections/Chapters.

As the name suggests, this is the area where you are expected to give an outline of the structure of your research.

Your supervisors will want to see your proposed chapters. You may want to write an overview of each item on the list of those proposed chapter headings.

  1. References

The references shows your readers and supervisors the depth of your research.

The reference list at the end of your work tells the depths of your research. Here, you are required to acknowledge your information sources and give due acknowledgement to ideas that are not original to you.

University Project Proposal Pdf

Download your free University project sample in pdf by clicking – University Project proposal example

Undergraduate Research Proposal Sample

Download your Free Undergraduate research proposal sample in pdf by clicking here – undergraduate research proposal sample

Important Things to Note When Writing Your Project Proposal

How to Write a Project Proposal in Nigeria

Do you want to learn how to write a project proposal for undergraduates? Here are things to know:

  • Length of Proposal

Some colleges and universities ask that your term proposal or proposal be not more than a page. So, the first thing will be getting an idea of how long your proposal should be so you don’t run foul of the department’s requirements.

  • What a n Acceptable Proposal for Your Research paper, Seminar or Project Work Should Contain

The guide shared here is a general one and specific requirements may differ depending on your school. Here are general things your proposal should highlight on;

 Brief Introduction of the Proposed Project or Seminar: State in clear terms the aims and  goals of the project and what you (the researcher) hopes to accomplish by embarking on the work

– Why You Should Embark on the Project: At times, you may be asked to show why you are capable and should be allowed to embark on such academic work by your supervisor.

– The Approach You Hope to Use in the Project Work: Tell if the work will be executed through collection and organisation of data from secondary sources such as newspapers, website publications, magazines etc. or if your work is more of a primary survey of the demography concerned.

– The Scope of Work: State in clear terms the boundary of your proposed work. All academic research work have scope and limits of coverage and you will have to state clearly where your scope will be so you don’t over-promise and end up not delivering to the extent of your promise.

– Project Deliverable : If for example your project work is on systems  construction and design this section is where you state what you hope to deliver at the conclusion of the project work. This section is where you state what you hope to deliver at the end of the research work; design only? Design and construction? a report? Analysis and documentation? Etc.

– Timeline and Milestones :Although some departments and supervisors may not ask this from you. Feel free to state here the different phases of your proposed research work and the time frames you hope to accomplish each chapter (or phase).

The reason you include this section is to keep you in track to make sure you complete your work on schedule though your supervisor may have the final say on the time frame you may follow for the phases of your work.

While I was writing my final year project, I had 5 chapters of the work (the design and construction phases being the third phase) and my supervisor gave clear instructions on the time frames that I was expected to return each chapter for approval.

In most cases however, you may be asked to simply write the entire (and carry out any accompanying designs and construction) before a certain data. In such a case, your own milestones and frames will help you stay on track and complete work as planned.

Certain courses of study or discipline may have their special, standard approach to executing a proposal for your thesis or project and you can learn better how to write a project proposal in Nigeria that will suit your situation by asking questions from colleagues and superiors in the department.

Writing a Project proposal is done by all Nigerian students, even Yahoo Yahoo boys .So, it’s best to learn how today for FREE or PAY someone to do it for you, if you can’t.

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