How to Write a Proposal in Nigeria

Unlike writing a letter, To know how to write a proposal in Nigeria, you need to learn how to write a winning business proposal of your choice using our guide below.

A good proposal is important in securing contract with an organization. This document when prepared right and well can either lift your business higher or keep it in its current position. And as such, simply knowing how to write a business plan is vital for every entrepreneur (small, large, and medium).

When learn’t and practiced, writing proposals can be one of the most crucial business writing skills you’d ever learn that can even earn you extra income in Naija – Can you imagine writing it for others and making extra cash for yourself?

If you’ve had experienced of getting rejected by organization in the past, I’d like to say – CONGRATS on stumbling upon this piece of information.

Before we jump to how to write a business proposal in Nigeria or anywhere else around the world that cannot be rejected, let’s see the difference between a business plan and proposal.

Business Proposal vs. Business Plan

Generally, the terms “business plan” and “business proposal” are used interchangeably, giving you the illusion that they are one and the same. However, they’re not!

A business plan is a “formal statement of a set of business goals” and how these would be achieved. These documents sometimes can be featured in a business proposal.

On the other hand, A business proposal is a focused sales document intended to describe  how a company will approach a project, solicit the client’s business and the bale of the project to the client.

Basic Tips For Writing A Business Proposal

  1. Get the basics right.

Having a well laid proposal and signposted is a must have as it helps the reader to navigate your document. Spelling and grammar need to be perfect – as your proposal speaks a lot about you.

You might be kind of relaxed about the odd typo or a forgotten semi-colon that doesn’t mean your client will ignore this and they could read into it that you are a sloppy worker. Remember, your document is selling you/your brand.

  1. Include Current/Past client’s testimonials.

Nothing sells a business faster than credible customer testimonials. Feature client quotes in your proposal and it will stand tall plus head and shoulders above your competitors. Only a few people know this secret but it brings the proposal to life and offers a third-party endorsement. It also tells the reader that you know what you are doing

  1. Understand the customer needs.

This third part is super important especially when you want to know and master how to write unsolicited business proposals.

Perhaps, the best thing to do to win a business proposal is to thoroughly diagnose your client’s problems and write your proposal around solving those problems. What issues is your client encountering? Once you identify these, you need to figure out how your services or product can help. Then, write your proposal in such a way that shows how your prospect’s needs will be addressed

  1. Master the art of sales persuasion.

Do you want to learn how to write a proposal in Nigeria for business partnership? Then you need to master the art of sales persuasion.

One of the primary goals of business proposal is to offer a solution to an issue that potential client is facing or will likely face in the future. Cover all the advantages that the client might be able to derive from you service or product. One main aspect to remember is that you should make the proposal centered on the benefits that will be received by the email rather than what you can offer.

  1. Ensure Pricing is Fair.

Always begin with list prices in your first proposal. Discounting your products or services in the first proposal essentially says you don’t believe your products are worth paying list price for. You want to strike a good deal, but never sell yourself short. Make an invoice or quote that is fair to your prospect, but ensure you sell for what your product is worth.

How to Write a Proposal in Nigeria

How to Write a Proposal in Nigeria for Business Partnership

  • Carefully Study The Requirements Of The Request For Proposal

At times, you might be asked to submit a proposal because of a contract bid that is ongoing. Other periods, you may be asked to submit a business proposal because you’re trying to seek some form of sponsorship or the likes from an organization.

One of these reasons must have spiked your interest in learning how to write a proposal in Nigeria for business partnership.

Whichever is the case, the first step is to carefully study the Request For Proposal (RFP) to make sure you totally understand what is requested of you, before you proceed to write your business proposal.

If for instance, you do not meet the minimum requirements or cannot deliver under a certain budget stipulated, you’re better off not submitting a proposal, as you most certainly will not get picked.

  • Ask All Your Questions:

Once you meet the requirements, feed yourself as much information as possible about the nature of the business proposal as you can. Ask former companies that may have executed contracts or competed for a similar contract in the organization.

Check with an insider to learn of the best way to outline your business proposal for readership, and ensure you’re not going to be entirely off and unrealistic when stipulating what you intend to achieve for the organisation.

Some questions you should ask are:

  • Why are they outsourcing the service?
  • When do they want this project to be completed?
  • What will be the criteria for evaluating the business proposals?
  • Do they have any concerns?
  • Is there a fixed budget for this project?
  • What do they want to achieve with the project?
  • How have they previously tried to execute this themselves and what results did they get?

Then ask yourself:

  • Can I really solve this problem?
  • How can I present my company as the real solution to their problems?
  • How can my company execute this?
  • Outline the Scope Of The Project:

The action to carry out in this how to write a proposal in Nigeria for business partnership is outlining every step the project will take. Carefully study every angle it is going to come in from and what, plus how you intend to carry it out.

At this stage of writing a business proposal of your choice, strong management skills will come in handy. Some things you are required to cover are the “who, what, where, how, when, and why.”

  • Who: Who will manage the project? Who will answer to the customer if a problem arises? Who will do the required work?
  • What:  What is required to execute the project? How much will it cost? What will be needed to do it all? What must be delivered? What are the customer’s expectations?
  • Where: Where should the job be done? Where should the completed projected be delivered?
  • When: When do we start? When should the payment(s) be made? When will key metrics be made known? When will the job be complete?
  • How: How will the project be executed? How will it be properly managed?  How long will the project take? How does the customer benefit from the project? How will the customer be satisfied? How will risks be controlled?
  • Why: Why are we using the approaches we’ve chosen? Why is the customer going with us?
  • Prepare To Deliver The Most Value

Once you are done answering every related question and drawing out the project outline, the next step is to prepare yourself, the team, and organization, to deliver the best value, and also show how it will be done. This stage is super important as the vale added will determine if the client will go with you or hand it over to the next party.

  • Write Your Business Proposal

Now that you’ve read and understood the client’s needs and are prepared to deliver more value that anyone else, you can now go ahead to write your winning business proposal.

Here are the categories showing how to write a proposal in Nigeria for business partnership:

1). Introduction:

In this section, you introduce your company in details. You should highlight your mission statements and tell what sets your company apart from the rest. You should also determine the length of this section based on the nature of the proposed contract. If it’s a super short-term contract of say, one day, the introduction could be precise and short, but if it’s a business relationship that is to last for a couple of years, you should then put in your all and show how your brand will stand out from the competition.

2). Executive Summary

This part should be noted while you decide and write a business proposal of your choice. In this section, you should show why your business is the right one for the job and highlight main takeaway points that will not only show how valuable your brand is for their organisation, but also send a message that will make them think twice about passing over your company.

3). Add Table Of Contents

If your business proposal is going to be long and contain chunks of texts, creating a table of content for it is the right way to go. However, it is generally advisable to always create short business proposals that hit the nail on the head by driving the points directly.

4). Write The body

Once done with introduction of you business and getting the readers hooked on your business proposal, the next step is to write the body of the proposal. In this area, you’ll answer all the questions that were well answered previously on in the scope of the project. You’ll also speak about pricing, deliverables, your clients, past executed projects, and a lot more to show how the job can be carried out and delivered on time.

In this part, you should also state exactly what you can deliver based on the specifications of the project and what you will not. Make sure to highlight that some form of modifications or complete changes may cost the clients additional charges.

5). Conclusion

The key to master how to write a winning business proposal lies here.

In this section, you make your final sales pitch. You need to make the reader remember how much value your business is bringing to the table and why they must go with you. You should re-highlight the outstanding projects that you have executed in the past and have a call-to-action that would make the client want to either act immediately or learn more about your business.

6). Appendix

Although optional, this part might include awards or certifications your company/brand has received, your customer testimonials, your resumés, some graph projections, and other things that could not directly fit into the body of the business proposal.

  • Submit Your Business Proposal And Follow Up

The job doesn’t end right after submitting your business proposal. Instead, it is only just beginning. To start your proposal on the way to approval, you’d need to follow up with calls and also make yourself available to answer questions.

You can also try to reach out to primary employees in the organisations to know the status of your business proposal, so they may help you do follow ups, which could invariably boost your chances of being accepted but avoid getting scammed.

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