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How To Write A Semi Formal Letter [with SAMPLES] in Nigeria

A semi-formal letter is a type of letter you write to a person you know, but aren’t close with. It is also used in non-formal relationship settings that requires polite and respectful approach (e.g. a school teacher, school principal, etc.).

What is Semi Formal Letter?

A semi-informal letter is like a blend of formal and informal. That means, it is written in more polite tone compared to informal letter.

What are the Features of Semi-Formal Letter?

  • Address

The address of informal letters is usually at the top right corner. You write your own address (return address) followed by date at the right-hand side.

  • Salutation

“Dear Mrs Lucy” is a great one. In case, you don’t know the recipient’s name, you can write the position as in “Dear Madam” or “Dear Sir”.

  • Introduction

The introductory need not be too informal or formal. For instance:

I was glad the meeting we had on the 1st of May about the position of an account office in your company actually held. I was impressed by the discipline and work etiquettes I observed in your workers and I am confident I will fit in.

  • Body

Think about the message of your letter. Pass across your message in about 4 clear, direct and specific paragraphs to the body, and present only one main idea per paragraph.

  • Write the appropriate closing

The Closings range from more formal to less formal.

Here are some examples of informal letter closings:

  • “Respectfully yours,”
  • “Yours very truly,”
  • “Yours truly,”
  • “Sincerely yours,”
  • “Sincerely,”
  • “Yours sincerely,”
  • “Cordially,”
  • “Best regards”
  • “Warmest regards”
  • “Best wishes” and “Best.”

Your complimentary close should be followed with your signature and your name.

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How To Write A Semi Formal Letter

  • The address and date

The position and layout of the address is important. Check our samples for some ideas.

Here is one of the ways you can write the dates:

1st May, 2021  2nd May, 2022  3rd July, 2023

  • The salutation

Salutations in semi-informal letters generally begin with “Dear…”

However, in more affectionate forms, the word Dear is usually in small letter.

For example: “My dear Lizzy”. As against “Dear Elizabeth”

  • The body of the letter

Your letter should be laid out in well-organized paragraphs. There should be an indentation at the beginning of each paragraph. Remember, your teacher/invigilator rewards you with good marks when you observe sensible paragraphing.

  • The style of the letter

The language of the semi-formal letter is like ordinary speech, but a little more grammatical correct. The semi-informal features include the following:

Informal expressions like don’t panic, etc.

Contracted forms like I’m and here’s.

The use of dashes and Exclamation marks.

  • Ending the letter

The last paragraph of a letter should “round it off” in a suitable way, and send greetings too. The common way of signing off is with the phrase “Yours sincerely and your signature”

  • The signature

With a semi-informal letter and informal letter, you can just write your first name (the name that was given to you at birth, that you use officially, not your surname). Although you can write your full name, but it’s not a must you do because – they know who you are!

Semi-Formal Letter Summary

Let’s go over the details one more time.

  • Your address should be in the top right-hand corner and must be well punctuated with commas and full stops.
  • Never include the name, position and address of the addressee (the person you’re writing to).
  • The date below your address can follow the style of formal letters.
  • Depending on the relationship you both share, ant of the following might be appropriate: Dear Mr/Dr/Mrs (name), Dear (first name).
  • No need to include the subject of the letter.
  • Paragraphs should be indented. The style should be appropriate for semi-formal letters.
  • For Complimentary Close, Yours sincerely is always acceptable, followed by your name. They should be at the bottom of the letter.

Does a Semi Formal Letter have a Heading?

The heading in semi-informal letters refers to the title, and not the subject. So for a married woman, the heading would be “Dear Mrs. NAME”.

Difference between Formal and Semi Informal Letter

Formal letters are written for official purposes, to people you do not know/have relationships with while informal letter is written to someone you know by name and with whom you have a business or professional relationship with.

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