Simple Business Plan – Process For People With A Blank Page

Do you want to write a simple business plan but have a blank page? If I could have a dollar for each time I have heard this I’d be pretty rich right now.

But seriously, it’s more common than you think so the first thing to remember is that you’re part of the majority, not a minority.

The beauty of a simple business plan, or mini business plan, is that it won’t take long at all to pull together. But it is a great way to get you thinking strategically about your business, and how you will achieve your goals.

By simply referring to the business action plan section regularly to keep you on the right track.

A Simple Business Plan Can Be Useful For A Number Of Reasons:

The process of creating a simple business plan will get you thinking about your business strategy in more detail which is helpful if you decide to develop a full business plan.

The simple business plan on its own can simply give you a clear idea on paper as to what your business currently operates and what strategic direction you would like it to head.

The process of creating a simple business plan can be quite painless and fast, and is a great way to start thinking about your  business in a different way.

Simple Business Plan

Key questions to think about when writing a simple business plan:

      • What is your vision for your business? Where do you see it going in one year, three years and five years?
      • What is it that you are selling?
      • What is your unique selling proposition?
      • How do you want to grow your business?
      • What are your expenses and what is your income? You can do this on a monthly basis if you have the detail to hand, or just do it yearly to start with. Its just all about getting started!
      • What capital have you put into the business, or will put in if it’s a startup?

Once you have completed your simple business plan, you’re one step further down the track to creating a formal business plan.

You’ve managed to outline in a high level way, the key planning process that goes into a formal business plan.

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Most people never think they can get past that blank page.

But by creating a simple business plan, you are able to break it down into these easy steps. It’s a great way to get started, and keep those demons at bay!

And remember you’re not alone. Most people have no idea where to start. But if you’ve just done your simple business plan, you’ve already started on your way to completing a full business plan.

That’s a great achievement. And its one way to lay the foundation you need to achieve what you want out of your business.

Call it a simple business plan, a mini business plan, or a one page business plan, it doesn’t matter. That blank page is now full, and you’ve got a great base to work with.

Your simple business plan means you’re now on your way to developing a formal business plan which could be used for obtaining finance – debt or equity – to grow your business.

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