Speechless- Poem

I thought of sweet words
That can seize breathe,
Words that can skip the heart
Sweet words that freeze muscles

I thought of jelly words
That can melt stony heart,
That break iceberg of emotions
Words that can sail dark waters

I thought of ideas
That can be focused like laser
Ideas that can pierce through shield
And cut bars of solid steel

I thought about story
That can retell history
Story that bring past event to reality
Story that ignite great fire of memory

I searched around
For something worthwhile
That can mesmerise you
And give you charming smile

I looked in the house
Everything seem known
I went to the neighbourhood
Nothing looking new

Then I decided to look at you,
You are the reason for this poem
The jewel that paused my brain
The jewel that stilled my heart
You made me loose words and ideas
You are the Cause of Everything.

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