The Basics of Resume Writing

The Basic resume structure is as follow:

Heading/Contact Information :

This section is about introduction of yourself to the employer. This section includes:

Phone/Mobile numbers
Email Address

Contents of resume heading should be 100% correct. Because it not only gives the employer a short introduction of your but also tells that how you can be contacted.

Maintain this information and keep easy to get. If you have to include Residential and Permenant Address Keep them in different sections.

Residential address is preferable at the top. In this section usually your Names are kept bold or highlighted. This is good practice. Because it get employer’s attention and helps him to remember you.

Don’t highlight the rest information. You have to be cautious while about information in heading section.

Wrong information can cost you a Job. Peoples often forget changing their mobile numbers in heading section while updating old resume.

Objective is a place where you can present your unique skills to the employer. You can tell employer that how you are better than other competent. How you can fill the vacancy of the company.

Its all about stating the employer that you are the perfect candidate for the Job. But its not about bragging. State what you can do better for the company than other.

Don’t make inappropriate statements. You can get caught at interview for making vaporing statements. In short present your finest qualities in vibrant. Objective may vary for specific jobs.

Make target specific objectives related to job demands.

  • Educational Qualification:

Write your degrees/certifications you have achieved or appearing for. Years of passing exams, your School,Board/University where you awarded this degrees and finally your marks in certain exams.

This format usually comes in tabular format. Where exams, marks etc. titles goes in table heading and rest information goes under each relevant title.

  • Work Experience:

List the names of companies/organizations in this section where you have worked with the period of working and your job profile in each company.

  • Other sections

Depending on your past collage/school life there may be other sections which you may wish to add.

These sections are as follows:
Summary of QualificationsHobbies
Languages Known (Read/Write/Speak)
Other knowledge (If it could help for the getting Job)

If any of these section can help you in getting job. Specify them targeting the job needs.

The Basics of Resume Writing

  • References:

This section is not recommended, In this section you list the individuals who know your background with your skills and achievements, your work orientation and dependability.

You may list references for increasing your chances of getting job if applicable.

This article should provide you basic understanding of the resume sections. Different format of resumes use these sections in variety of ways.

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