The Battle Field – A Poem

Look in there
I mean there,
Inside you…
The Field of Contention

In there,
Folks of past
Reached mountainous joys,
Kins of ages
Reached tears-filled valleys
Fighting Goliath battles
In this plain

Old boys dreams shattered
Towering castles unbuilt
Alice wonderland unreached
Adorning robes unworn
Davinci’s art unseen
Ahitophel’s plan turn folly

Men’s visions achieved
Mighty mansions finished
Disneyland a reality
Majestic gowns flaunting
Einstein’s theories discovered
Solomon’s words show wisdom

In the battle field,
A hotly intense ground
Beauty- giving garden
There in, battles starts and ends
There in, battles lost and won
There in, cowards slain
There in, warriors made
A must for every

The battle field
Inside you.

2 thoughts on “The Battle Field – A Poem”

    • It tells of the battles within a man, all the struggles and fight one passes through to survive life. Some ends their battle in victory and others in doom.


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