the nigerian youth

The Nigerian Youth – A Poem

The Nigerian Youth is lazy
Birth in gold he can’t touch
Mother rationed his milk,
Wore him cousins clothes
Starting without silver spoon

Nigerian Youth are lazy
Parents sweat tears, sweat blood
Struggled to feed us
Raising with hopes, saying-
Our children will pay us

Nigerian Youth are lazy
We learnt with tables and chalk
No book, no pen, no aid
Under hungry angry tutors
Thinking someday we shall live great

Nigerian Youth are lazy
Trained, bagged degrees,
Served nation in strife,
Ready, Set, but no Work
Why? Leaders don’t care!

Nigerian Youth are lazy
Wake 5, close 5, sleep 12
For wages less dogs bellies
Slaving on fatherland
Filling white monkeys pockets

Nigerian Youth are lazy
The Leaders are sweating
Building houses, roads, bridges
Storing gold and treasury bills
In their Offshore Reserves

Nigerian Youth are lazy
The Thief walks free, the Robber is a criminal
And Black Officer friends only notes
PARTY is deal, Connect is food
Skills, Strength aren’t enough

Are Nigerian Youth lazy?
No! They’re useful in election.
Good thugs for the boxes,
Useful to ‘correct’ figures

Nigerian Youth are lazy indeed!
We have no catapult, no arrow
We have no gun to revolt
But We’ve voices, We’ve Us
Only we can help, not them.

6 thoughts on “The Nigerian Youth – A Poem”

  1. Nigerian youth may be lazy but not born lazy, distorted foundation and imported societal ideologies among others changed the values and silenced innocence. I believe there is hope. You have to refuse to let diffused and confused imported societal ideologies rule our mind and leadership capacity birthed in us all. Don’t let the true power of an African die. Our heroes awaits!

  2. Indeed the Nigerian youth is lazy, That is so clear. He slaves himself in many ways, but fails to do the most needful; taking the steering wheel of his destiny.
    His worth is mostly determined by so called aged and out of fashion leaders, therefore, he is not well regarded. Leaving him to a life of wrong e.g in being election thugs. The only opportunity they are willing to give the so called “lazy” breed.
    The sarcastic tone of the poem, was perfectly used to describe the plight of the Nigerian youth. The only solution is, the need to have a reorientation and direct his labour in better spheres of life, as it is clear that he is not lazy.
    The poem should be read and digested by all Nigerian Youth
    Awesome masterpiece brother. The sky shall not be your limit, but your starting point.

  3. It’s in reality a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you just shared this with us.

    Thank you for writing and sharing.

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