This is not Hell

This place is not Hell
Though it blazes like fire
And the scorching sun leaks
Sweat like ice-cream

This place is not Hell
Though the cold we see
Emits from devil’s freezer
Dulling our senses with evil

This place is not Hell
With ravaging storms and
Avalanche of disaster wiping us out,
It still seems very fair

This place is not Hell
We kill, maim, hurt ourselves
Pour hatred mixed with
Gall and bile of emotions
Yet I say it isn’t Hell

Everyone is selfish
Governments are greedy,
Not reliable and heart breaking
Politicians may lie or steal
Kings, nobles are cruel
But it’s not Hell

People die daily,
We see pain, torment, wickedness
Brothers betray themselves
Fathers have lost their compassion
Mothers no longer show care
Couples forget bonded love
Still I say it is not Hell

The poor die of hunger
The rich flourish
Beggars seen as dogs
Peasantry has become sin
Mercy and Favour loose sight
Yet it is better than Hell

I may be downcast
Fed up from life’s struggles
Lost hope of better days
Perhaps forgotten paradise

I may not know love again
Situations may have bent me
Forgotten who I was meant to be
Surely, this place is not Hell.

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