Writing A Formal Letter in Nigeria

Writing a formal letter in Nigeria might seem much of a manual task and in the modern time of today, people rather prefer using emails in order to correspond with others.

Yet, writing a letter it not as such a difficult task and almost anyone can gain the ability to write a letter.

Thus, once the person actually finds out and understands how a formal letter actually has to be written, it becomes quite a convenient task, whether the letter is personal or professional.

Writing a formal letter in Nigeria

Before actually getting into the format of an appropriately written formal letter, there are also some tips that should be considered when writing a formal letter.

● A concise letter is convenient

Not only is it convenient for you to write a concise formal letter but it is rather ideal as well. Not everyone actually has the time to go through several pages, thus it is better to mention what is necessary as straightforward as possible and avoid any vague content.

● Write appropriately according to the person being addressed

It is important that the tone of the letter is appropriate to the person being addressed to, supposedly you cannot get to friendly while writing a business or professional letter.

● Do not send a letter without proofreading

Grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in a formal letter can in fact give quite a bad impression; therefore it is quite appropriate if a formal letter is properly and thoroughly proofread before it is send to the recipient.

Once you are fully aware regarding these tips you would knows the basics that have to be kept in mind when writing a letter. Thus finally it all comes down to the format and writing structure of formal letters.

● Heading

The heading of the letter is in fact the address of the sender that is supposed to be mentioned at the right hand corner and is followed by the date that the letter is written on.

● Inside address

The inside address is supposed to be the address of the recipient which is written along with their name right after the sender’s address but on the left side of the page.

● Salutation

While the actual letter has not yet begun, it is quite important that the right salutation is mentioned and written in the letter, according to the designation as well as the gender of the person being addressed.

Writing A Formal Letter in Nigeria

● Body

The body of the letter is indeed the integral part of the letter and has to be really well written.

Dividing the body into paragraphs makes it easier for the reader to understand what has been written and keeping the body short also makes it convenient to understand the content.

● Ending

Finally, the ending of the formal letter should essentially contain the appropriate greeting again depending upon who it is being sent to, along with the greeting, after leaving a little space you can then mention your name, while the space left out can be utilized to place your signature there if necessary.

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